Funny Funerals.

Well, now that I have you attention, I really have not been to a funny funeral.  However, with my job, I do attend more visitations and or funerals than the average person.  People really think that being a hospice nurse is depressing, but it can be quite the contrary! 

I have cried at funerals, but I have laughed more.  You have to understand my perspective.  Many times by the time I see my patient, they aren’t the person they once were….So I really like attending the funeral to get the “whole story.” 

I have to admit that sometimes I cry more at the end because I didn’t have the privilege to know that person before they became ill.  I often times think ‘we” could have been great friends, etc.

I have also had great life experiences with the families.  They are now a part of my family.  When I see these people, I know hugs are on the way….

So it got me to thinking – What would people say about me at my funeral that would make people laugh and thing “Gee, I really wish I had know Payree when….”

Remember, take a deep breath, put a smile on  your face and laugh until it hurts!



Ozarks vernacular

Well, today I found myself using phrases that have been used in my family, and maybe in yours.  Today while working at a facility, a pharmacist and I were talking and I said, “Well to quote my granny, ‘Gag a gnat and swallow a camel’.”  We were talking about of all things Medicare reimbursement.  When I left the facility I travelled on to one of my home patients.  I just missed a terrible rain…you know, a gulley washer!  There was all sorts of material that was on the road in addition to puddles of water.  I didn’t see any cats and dogs today- so I guess it didn’t rain cats and dogs or no toads were strangled, either.  I must say that my favorite expression is “like a duck on a June bug.”

Funny how expressions get started and who continues them. 

Remember, take a deep breath, put a smile on  your face and laugh until it hurts…


Maiden Post

This is my first blog.  For many of my nursing colleagues, they will die from laughter.  I am not the most tech savvy.  But that is why you send your child to college so they can help you set up a blog.

I find myself writing longer and longer posts on Facebook which made me think that maybe I should start my own blog.  My life is about as random as the weather in Missouri.  In other words, my mind rambles non-stop and people are supposed to know what I am thinking when I change in mid-sentence.  The hardest part of the blog was creating an appropriate name.  The older I get, the more random my likes and dislikes.

Like many, I take the tests on Facebook to see what generation I should be, what my real age is, what country I would be, etc.  What I do know is I am a very lucky person.  I have been given many opportunities that many people my age have not had.  I had a fulfilling career as a public school teacher.  I come in contact with many of my students now in my latest career- nursing.  Some are fellow nurses while others work in the healthcare industry.  Some are family members of my hospice patients.  I did not know how many students I had until someone at work said, “You know everyone.”  If it’s not from my teaching career, then the acquaintance is from my daughter showing Angus cattle.  It has become a joke when we go somewhere- even on vacation in Gulf Shores we ran into a sibling of a former student!

Currently I am discussing Amendment I with anyone who will listen.  We need this amendment passed if we are able to continue farming.  Yes, in addition to taking care of people, sometimes I get to help take care of the cows.  Many times there is not much difference.  Sick is sick!  Currently, we are trying to get some hay cut for winter and well, we are still waiting for the weather to be more cooperative.

I hope you will be waiting on pins and needles for my next blog!

Until next time……take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and laugh until it hurts!